Society profiles: WiSTEM


MTU Cork WiSTEM Society (formerly WiSTEM CIT) was founded in November 2019. It was set up with the aim to bring together women studying STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) courses and to help them succeed both in college and in the working world. It is hoped to be a platform for women in STEM to meet other like-minded students in various STEM courses, some of which can be very male-dominated.

Being a member of this society will open a whole world of opportunity; from making friends and networking with other STEM students, to invaluable insight and tips into industries and future careers. We host various types of events such as social meetings, industry-led webinars, and interactive panels talks on various subjects.

WiSTEM has collaborated with numerous companies in just over a year: DePuy Synthes, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Pfizer, MSD Brinny, and Stryker to list a few. We have held social events, from pizza nights last year to Zoom quizzes this year. We have also attended and assisted with a number of CIT initiatives, such as the IWISH campus week for Transition year girls, International Women's day events, and 'CIT Entrepreneur of the Year' competition.

There are lots of plans in the works for the 2021/22 year, so keep an eye out! We will be hosting more social events online, as well as multi-company events discussing various topics, from technology to the environment.

WiSTEM is always looking for new members who want to network and make friends, while also expanding their skill set and knowledge of the wide range of jobs that they can pursue. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, join WiSTEM today and become a member of our growing community! All MTU full-time students are welcome to join the society.