Society profiles: Marketing


Our aim is to help encourage students to find their voice and identity, helping them to grow as students, results-wise, but as professionals also. We also hope to help to create a space where relationships can grow between passionate students and industry professionals.

In order to achieve these goals, we plan weekly events and interact with our members regularly on social media.

So far we have held many guest speaker events, held a LinkedIn workshop, partnered with BUMBLEance and held 12 days of Christmas initiative. 

We have implemented an IGTV series called 'Student's Den' promoting entrepreneurial activity on our Instagram page.


Recognised by the Marketing Institute of Ireland as one of the best business societies in the country.

Partnered with BUMBLEance.

Ran a 'Cork Business Of The Week' initiative.

Implemented an IGTV series called 'Student's Den'.

Held many events for our members, from guest speakers to LinkedIn workshops.