Society profiles: Minecraft


The Minecraft Society aims to explore the full potential of Minecraft as a community within MTU and bring people of different communities and backgrounds, especially after the separation of Covid-19 lockdowns. We’d be using the platform to utilise many different tools, from creative pixel art and building, coding (Java and python) and most importantly fun and games in a safe and friendly environment!

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The Society idea was created by Ruairí McClintock in October of 2020 as a way to introduce Minecraft to 

In April of 2021 the Minecraft Society was founded by Ruairí McClintock, Kian McMahon, David O'Donovan and Michal Niczejewski 

In January of 2022 the Minecraft Society teamed up with BTE Ireland to create the entire MTU Campus within Minecraft to a 1:1 Scale.  


The First Ever University Run Minecraft Server in Ireland!